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Updated: Jul 09, 2012
Current version: 2.0.2
Size: 24.6 MB
Rated: 12+
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eBay for iPad
What's new in version 2.0.2
  • Performance and stability improvements
Version 2.0.1
  • Support for selling in Canada
  • Support for buying in India and CAFR
  • Sellers can mark items as "Paid"
  • Improved Back Button to follow last item viewed or last page viewed
  • Added button to track your shipments
  • Color coding of price tags in Completed Listings and My eBay
  • And more!
Version 2.0.0
  • A new design with customizable home screen
  • Ultra-high resolution item images
  • View search results in three ways
  • Your top feature requests added: revise listings, back button, and improved search
  • More eBay notifications
  • Much more!
eBay for iPad

The eBay for iPad app lets you sell, search, bid, buy, browse, and pay in an interface optimized for the iPad. With seamless scrolling, advanced search, and high resolution pictures - you've never seen eBay look so good. The app takes advantage of the iPad's stunning image resolution, large touchscreen, and on-the-go portability to deliver a revolutionary shopping experience.

Sellers: Quickly research sale trends, list items, revise listings and make sales from virtually anywhere.

Buyers: The eBay for iPad app instantly alerts you if you're outbid or if your watched items or auctions are ending. Stay on top of your saved searches and favorite sellers with notifications.

With the iPad app, you never have to click through pages to search, bid, buy, or pay for items. Everything is integrated with seamless transitions that don't ever interrupt your search. And access to My eBay is fully integrated on the iPad app, allowing you to quickly check your activity and status whether buying or selling. Effortless functionality combined with spectacular visuals make the iPad app a must-have for savvy eBay users.

Stunning images

The eBay iPad app takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen and superior image resolution to deliver an exceptional eBay shopping experience. View crystal-clear images in large gallery format, and then zoom in to see even greater detail.

My eBay

Whether bidding, watching, buying, or selling, you have instant access to all of your My eBay activity with the eBay iPad app. Designed from the ground up, our 2.0 app brings what you want right to the front. The first thing you'll notice is a new "home" screen. At the top of the screen, we automatically include your eBay Buying, Watching, and Selling activity. Prefer something else on your home screen? Tap the "Edit" button and move your home screen options around, add new options or delete.

Advanced search

It's one thing to find the item you're looking for, it's quite another to find it at a price you can afford. Advanced search is a turbo-powered filter that targets, among other things, price range, so you only see listings that fit your budget. Seamless design allows you to flip through photos without leaving the page or navigate to the next item in the search-no more clicking through pages.

Other Features
  • Stunning images A better shopping experience with rich, high quality images
  • Quick listings Create a listing in under a minute on your iPad
  • Photo upload Effortlessly upload photos from your iPad camera or photo library
  • Advanced search Target your results to listings that fit your budget and taste
  • Mobile Checkout Pay for items with PayPal, eBay gift cards, coupons and earn eBay Bucks where available
  • My eBay Stay on top of your bidding, buying, and selling activities from anywhere
  • Customer service on the go See how your items are performing, reply to questions promptly, and provide speedy response to Best Offers
  • Effortless navigation Buy and sell in My eBay without ever clicking away from your search screen-products are always in view
  • Alternate viewing Shop eBay in landscape or portrait views
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